Skin Therapy

NEW* Restoring  Body Treatment:

Take care of skin that is dry, stressed, and devitalized from your head to your toes.  Starting with a dry brushing to exfoliate and stimulate the systems of the skin and followed by an application of a body serum which will reduce dry scaly skin and restore skin’s health; you are finally cocooned in warm tea soaked sheets and heated blankets while a facial massage and foot treatments are preformed.  A necessary treatment for feeling decadent in your own skin.   60 minutes/ $95

Custom Holistic Skin Care Treatment:

Every treatment is based in hydrotherapy and is a unique health and beauty concept for challenging times. Skilled hands provide the right treatment for you using pressure points, massage and topical organic teas, clays, salts and serums historically and scientifically validated to meet the demands of a generation struggling to achieve health in the most natural way available.   60 minutes/ $80

Mini Custom Skin Care Treatment:

Targeted treatments are highly efficient in achieving immediate results within a smaller time frame.  30 minutes/ $40


A non-invasive skin resurfacing alternative that helps reduce the appearance of sun damage, fine lines, blackheads, uneven pigmentation, and enlarged pores.  A great treatment choice for those wanting to brighten up dull looking skin with no down time.      60 minutes/ $80



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