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Are you wondering what is it like to work with a skin care therapist, but have few questions first?  Do you want to get skin care product recommendations from a professional?  Please sign up for a call online and find out.  It’s free and easy!

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Educational Talk Series: Seasonal Immunity’s Affect on Wellness


Researches have found that our internal body clocks known as our circadian rhythm is in part coordinated by changes in daylight and temperature.

In this short Educational Talk, Ms. Willis will be discussing why in certain times of the year we are more prone to colds, digestive disturbances, mental imbalances, allergies, and skin breakouts and rashes.

Don’t miss it.

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Gratitude Sale August 2015

Buy one regular Treatment and get the second at 1/2 off!

Gratitude Sale in August
I want to take this opportunity to thank you!

I am thankful for every new and “old” client that walks through my door.  I usually offer this deal to my clients in November, the season of Thanksgiving, as a way for me to give something back to you.  You can receive these treatments for yourself or as gift certificates so the giving keeps on going.

This year is a little different as I will be taking a break from my skin care practice this winter because I am expecting my second baby!  I am planning on working through the end of November and returning in March.

I would love everyone to take advantage of this Gratitude Sale and come in for your treatments this fall!  It would be my honor to see you all, care for your skin, and stock you up with products for the winter!

Featured Item

Buy one regular Treatment and get the second at 1/2 off!

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Offer to buy ends Aug 31 2015.  May be redeemed as a treatment or Gift Certificate and those never expire.  Limit 6.

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Glow and Flow Specials from Head to Toe

February is a time we are reminded to show love for others and to ourselves.  Click here to read about my specials going on this month.

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Serving you…

Serving you…

– with new expanded hours.  Now in addition to evening  and Saturday appointments we will be available during weekdays too.  You can call and make your appointment, but did you know you can bookonline too?


-with continuing education.  I am studing with my mentor and the formulator of De La Terre Skincare, Anne C. Willis.  I am in a year long program to become a certified Holistic Skin Care Specialist.  I see this industry is moving toward Wellness and I am studying to stay on top of these topics and to bring that information to you.


-with professional home care products. In addition to my recommendations please feel free to read more about De La Tere Skincare.  All these products are for sale at Glow Esthetics and I can do a free consultation over the phone or in person for current clients.




Chinese philosophy has held that good health is the

result of five elements. Behind each season there is an elemental energy that can be supported by drinking

De La Terre Skincare’s ~ Herb Rich Teas.


Do you have a plan for summer sun?

Sun Diffuser is a revolutionary product in healthy sun protection.  This serum boosts the skin’s immune response and protects you from UVA and UVB rays while allowing for vitamin D synthesis.

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Gratitude Sale 2013



Click the link to find out how to get a FREE gift certificate for you to give to someone!

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Flow bodyworks, amazing unique Thai massage

This excerpt is from Erin Marie Turner’s facebook page for her business, Flow Bodyworks…  https://www.facebook.com/FlowBodyworks


I highly recommend a treatment with her.  It was an opening of positive energy flow for me.

Read and Learn.

“At FLOW Bodyworks, I offer Thai Massage and Integrated Massage, as well as one on-one therapeutic yoga.
Thai Massage, often referred to in the West as Thai YOGA Massage, is often described as “having accupressure AND yoga done to you at the same time. Thai Massage is performed on a large cushioned mat on the floor. Depending on the needs of the client and the amount of time allowed, the session could include a series with the client lying down and/or sitting. Clients are fully clothed when receiving Thai massage, and no lotions or oils are used anywhere on the body. However, occasionally, an herbal balm may be applied to smaller localized areas of discomfort, such as the hand, neck, or lower back. Hot herbal compresses can also be applied to specific areas of the body or to the entire body to allow for deeper muscle relaxation and, therefore, more energy flow throughout the body. The hot herbal compresses are applied over top of the client’s clothing. I recommend that my clients wear dark-colored, loose-fitting clothing for this reason, and to provide for freer movement and breathability. Primarily, Thai massage techniques include hand compressions, thumb presses, forearm rolls, elbow presses, knee presses, and heal presses, all of which are applied to the body’s Sen lines (energy lines), allowing for greater energy flow throughout the body. Traditional Thai Massage also includes gentle stretches and potentially increasingly deeper full body stretches, depending on the needs and flexibility of the client.

At FLOW Bodyworks, I also offer Integrated Massage, incorporating relaxing but firm Swedish massage with deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, sports massage, and myofascial release techniques. My intention is to integrate a variety of techniques in my massages to ultimately help my clients heal themselves, but I can certainly exclude any of these techniques, as well as adjust the depth, intensity, and speed of my massages overall according to my clients’ preferences. In other words, I want to give you the massage that YOU want and need, and even that can change from one treatment session to another.

I also offer one-on-one therapeutic yoga as either part of the scheduled massage session or as a separate yoga session. As part of the massage session, I use yoga in one of two ways. I use yoga as either as an assessment tool to determine imbalances in the body and therefore guide me to massage certain areas of the body more in depth and use specific techniques to bring about more body balance. Or I use yoga as therapy after the massage session to address areas of tightness, inflexibility, and/or pain; in this case of yoga as therapy, I give clients specific yoga postures to bring about even more circulation, flexibility, and pain relief. Therapeutic yoga in addition to the practice of receiving massage can more fully address imbalances in the body (mind and spirit) in a way that is longer lasting than either self-care practice would be individually.

Please call me to schedule an appointment. I look forward to working with you!

Yours in Health & Wellbeing,

Erin Marie Turner, LBMT
License #12333”

Phone (828) 702-9211
Email Erin@FlowBodyworks.com

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Anne C. Willis to be interviewed live on WPTF 680AM

Anne C. Willis has been invited to be a guest on “That Cancer Show” Sunday, March 10th from 8-9 pm ET.

The program airs live on WPTF 680 AM (Triangle) and WSJS 600 AM (Triad), and live streams on www.wptf.com

Ms. Willis will be interviewed on her work with Oncology Skin Therapeutics. Be sure and tune in!


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New Services: Mini treatments, Back facials, and Microdermabrasion

The season of Spring brings change and rebirth to life all around us.  I have harnessed that  power to bring new treatments to my clients at Glow Esthetics.


I’v added new 30 minute targeted treatments.  This is for people who are crunched for time but wish to keep up their skin maintenance ritual.  Also, ideal for clients whose skin condition may not necessitate a 60 minute facial because of sensitivities.


Back facials deliver the results from using organic herbal products to make the skin on your back glow.  When was the last time you thoroughly cared for your skin back there?


For clients wanting a non-invasive skin resurfacing alternative that treats an avast range of complexion imperfections. Come and talk with me about a series of Microdermabrasion treatments.

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