Seasonal Skin Support: Skin Detoxification

A Clinical Holistic Approach to Skin Detoxification featuring De La Terre Skincare 


I know you have seen the leaves falling and even the bark peeling off trees in our outdoor world.

Have YOU begun to feel the affects of this detoxification this season?  Our bodies go through something similar naturally at this time of year and these treatments are designed to support that.

I am offering 5 treatments in the program.  Each is an hour long and will focus on a different aspect of detoxification of the skin.

I am using De La Terre Skincare’s plant science which assists the skin as it goes through this natural detoxification.  I will work with you to set up a program to address Mucousal Membrane Health, Lymphatic Cleanse, Dead Skin Cell Release, Sweat Purification, and Circulation Boosting.

This approach is simply to look and feel your best through Seasonal Support.

I am including some free products with this package that supports the detoxificaion. The products are a full size Purifies Blemished Tea, the Purifies Blemished Skin mist, and a pound of the Mineral Rich Salts.  The package price is $400.

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