Serving you…

Serving you…

– with new expanded hours.  Now in addition to evening  and Saturday appointments we will be available during weekdays too.  You can call and make your appointment, but did you know you can bookonline too?


-with continuing education.  I am studing with my mentor and the formulator of De La Terre Skincare, Anne C. Willis.  I am in a year long program to become a certified Holistic Skin Care Specialist.  I see this industry is moving toward Wellness and I am studying to stay on top of these topics and to bring that information to you.


-with professional home care products. In addition to my recommendations please feel free to read more about De La Tere Skincare.  All these products are for sale at Glow Esthetics and I can do a free consultation over the phone or in person for current clients.




Chinese philosophy has held that good health is the

result of five elements. Behind each season there is an elemental energy that can be supported by drinking

De La Terre Skincare’s ~ Herb Rich Teas.


Do you have a plan for summer sun?

Sun Diffuser is a revolutionary product in healthy sun protection.  This serum boosts the skin’s immune response and protects you from UVA and UVB rays while allowing for vitamin D synthesis.

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